Silky Cotton (80 pieces / pack)

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These multitasking facial cotton squares are made from a silk blend wrapped around layers of 100% natural cotton. Great for applying liquid lotion or removing makeup and nail polish.

Perfect for applying toner and removing eye makeup.
Formulated from cotton wrapped in silk, the soft beauty pads glide effortlessly across the face and leave no messy fibers behind. Billowy soft and gentle, Silky Cotton is lint-free so it won’t snag on eyelashes or brows. A handy finger pocket ensures precise control.

Silky soft cover for a luxurious and delightful experience every time with toner or lotion or when removing eye and lip makeup. The ultra-absorbent and economical design allows it to retain moisture even with just a few drops of toner / lotion preventing product wastage. Gentle fibers will not rub or chafe, protecting eyes and lips from unnecessary tugging.

Suitable for all skin types.

1. 100% natural cotton: Absorbent inner layer
2. Silk blend outer layer: Soft and lint-free

[How To Use]
1. Apply liquid lotion, makeup remover or nail polish remover to pad.
2. Place fingers into pockets for better control, or simply use where needed.

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