Foaming Mesh Net

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The Japanese Skin Tool That Will Transform Your Cleansing Routine

Foaming Mesh is a cult-favorite skincare tool that lets you create handfuls of rich, creamy lather with just a squeeze. It’s not a scrubber—instead, you place a small amount of facial cleanser or your beauty bar into the bag, rub under water, and squeeze out excess moisture. What you’re left with is a handful of voluminous lather. This simple tool make the cleansing process more luxurious and cost-effective, and the lush bubbles are super-gentle on skin.

Ideal complement to any of DHC’s beauty bars and cleansers.
Produces generous amounts of lather from just a small amount of product.

Hygienic polyethylene net with attached plastic ring.

[How to use]
1. Wet face with water.
2. Wet DHC Foaming Mesh with water, and then add soap or cleanser to the mesh and rub with both hands to create lather.
3. Hold the ring with one hand and squeeze out the lather between your fingers with the other hand.
4. Wash your face with the lather.

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