DHC LX-ME Whitening Lotion 180ml

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Brings out a luminous glow

Lightweight lotion formulated with tranexamic acid to suppress melanin production and PCA to enhance the penetration of tranexamic acid, leaving a brighter complexion as if glowing from inside. Also contains oligosaccharide to help improve skin barrier function.


1. Promotes healthy skin by balancing skin’s microbiome.

2. Plant-derived moisturizing ingredients provides long-lasting moisture.

3. Contains hints of citrus and flowers.

4. No added colorants or parabens. Alcohol-and mineral oil–free.

5. Mildly Acidic pH.



1. Tranexamic acid: Helps brighten skin by reducing the production of melanin which causes dark spots due to UV damage.

2. PCA: One of the amino acid ingredients that constructs NMF and helps boost penetration of tranexamic acid.

3. Oligosaccharide: Balances the normal microbiome flora of skin and helps improve skin barrier function.

4. Hyaluronic acid: Helps to retain moisture.

5. Vitamin B: Minimizes skin troubles and promotes circulation.


[How To Use]

1. Dispense a generous amount onto a cotton pad or the palm of your hand

2. Spread evenly over the face.

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